area dog rescue


Step 1:  Complete an adoption application.  

Step 2:  EMAIL the completed adoption application to info@perfectpooches.org OR FAX to (630) 423-9641.

Step 3:  A Perfect Pooches adoption coordinator will contact you via email or phone to discuss your application and ask any additional questions.  The application will be processed (i.e. references called, etc).

Step 4:  Based on available animals and application/interview, an adoption coordinator will try and match you with your perfect pooch.  

Step 5:  If a potential match is found, a home visit is scheduled where we bring the dog(s) you are interested in to your home for a meet and greet with family members and existing pets.

Step 6:  After meeting the dog and finding one you like, we ask that families take a day to think about the decision.  

Step 7:  If a match is made the adoption will be finalized, which includes signing of an adoption contract and exchange of medical history on the pet.  

* Note- We do not do same day adoptions.