area dog rescue


A rescue organization dedicated to helping you locate and adopt your perfect pooch.

We firmly believe that there is a perfect dog for everyone. This doesn't mean our dogs will not have accidents in the house, or bark at times you don't want them to, or chew on your good shoes. They are dogs and they will require training and structure, but their flaws make them truly unique, beautiful, and "perfect" for the right family. 

Perfect Pooches Adoption Agency (PPAA) is a Chicagoland based 501(c)3 rescue that was founded in December of 2012. A majority of dogs we rescue are from Chicago Animal Care and Control, but we also receive dogs from other local animal controls, owner surrenders, breeder releases and occasionally transports from under-served rural communities. All of our dogs live in foster homes prior to adoption. We are dedicated to working with each family to ensure we try to find a dog that will be a mutual match.  We are an all breed rescue, but we do focus a majority of our effort on the chihuahua breed- the 2nd most euthanized breed in the shelter system.

Our pooches are rescue dogs that deserve a second chance at a wonderful life. Please consider opening your heart and home to a new companion today!